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The first email layer built for the modern data stack

Vero Newsletters is the first email marketing platform that loads data directly from your data warehouse to send smarter emails. Use our SQL editor to find data sets, narrow down segments and send personalised emails in minutes.

Loved by modern data team

Customer data platform

Leverage your existing data

Your customer data platform (CDP) and your marketing software don't need to be one and the same. Instead of syncing and storing somewhere else, simply connect and query data direct at its source.

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SQL queries

Don't sync, query direct

Use Vero's inbuilt SQL editor to run queries and narrow down an audience or segment to import into Newsletters for that particular send. No javascript tracking or data syncing required. Easily personalize the content with any of the data loaded from the original audience query.

Query directly


Pay to send, not store

Most marketing tools charge per subscriber, or per user, so, the more you grow, the more you bloat. Email marketing for the modern data stack provides ultimate in usage-based pricing. No contracts or bloat-based overheads. Just a cleaner, more transparent way to pay for messages sent, not subscribers stored.

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Less syncing, more options

Email marketing software for the modern data stack gives digital teams the agility to switch out underlying data sources rather than being wedded to one particular, data-hungry vendor. A swappable architecture means you can plug in different data sources for different customer messages.

Query directly


Single source of truth

Your email marketing is only going to be as accurate as the customer data available. Connecting directly to data at its source means you don't need to worry about sending the wrong email, to the wrong contact.

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Connect the data you already store

Vero Newsletters connects directly to your data warehouse so you can send emails from a single source of truth. No syncing or storing required. The best place for your customer data to live is in a database you control.

  • Snowflake
  • Google Sheets
  • Postgres
  • Redshift
  • MySQL
  • Airtable
  • BigQuery
  • Firebase


Vero Newsletters the first email marketing platform for the modern data stack

Email marketing software built for modern product and marketing teams. Easily create beautiful email content and only pay for messages sent, not users stored.

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Use Cases

Trusted by data teams, loved by marketers

Discover how Vero can help you send smarter newsletters.

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Helping data driven teams work smarter

“Vero is a game changer for us. Email has traditionally only been able to operate as a communication channel but Vero Newsletters actually enables us to treat email as an extension to the User Interface and core product application itself.”

Vincent Turner

Vincent Turner

CEO Uno Home Loans

“I think you guys are geniuses basically. In my eyes, it's brilliant. Literally exactly what we'd been looking for.”

Ed Colyer

Ed Colyer

Cofounder/Head of Product