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Our method

Your database, not ours

The software tools of tomorrow connect directly to your user data. Rather than syncing data, software will access it directly, whether it lives in Airtable or a data warehouse like Snowflake. This enables you to get setup faster, use all of your historical data, store sensitive information in less places and lower your costs. We’re bringing this future to life, today.

Helping data driven teams work smarter

“Vero is a game changer for us. Email has traditionally only been able to operate as a communication channel but Vero Newsletters actually enables us to treat email as an extension to the User Interface and core product application itself.”

Vincent Turner

Vincent Turner

CEO Uno Home Loans

“I think you guys are geniuses basically. In my eyes, it's brilliant. Literally exactly what we'd been looking for.”

Ed Colyer

Ed Colyer

Co-Founder / Head of Product